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Hi, I'm Amma. A writer, podcaster and digital content creator passionate about sustainable and ethical fashion.
There are 3 things I know to be true about  eco-fashion:

Truth 1  

Style and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.

There is a misconception that eco-fashion is boring. I'm here to debunk that lie. Sustainable and ethical fashion is stylish. It's all about being creative. From finding cool eco-fashion brands to second hand/vintage, swapping, hiring/renting...the choice is yours on how to create a closet that's unique with zero need for fast fashion. 

Truth 2  

Eco-fashion is about bettering lives and preserving 

our planet.

The people who make our clothes are human like you and me. They deserve basic workers' rights, to work in safe environments and be able to provide for their families. Right now this is often not the case in the fashion industry. It's time we speak up as consumers for those who are silenced for our comfort. Ask #whomademyclothes to the brands we buy from and demand they treat workers fairly. 

The current climate crisis is no secret and the fashion industry contributes to the destruction of land, bodies of water and more. By supporting eco brands, buying vintage, swapping, hiring or renting clothes we can minimise that damage. 

Truth 3

Wearing sustainable fashion will transform your outlook on life.


For me, it started with fashion but it wasn't long before I started looking at other ways to live a more sustainable life because it's more of a mindset change than anything else. What are you passionate about? Take that and start doing it in the most ethical and sustainable way possible, then watch as that new way of living out your passion trickles down to other aspects of your life. 

Style and Sustain is a space to inspire fashion lovers like myself to turn to fair fashion. Find editorials, brands and articles that will transform your wardrobe and preserve the planet.


Every problem has solutions, fast fashion is no different...

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Based in London, UK
All photos by Lucas Bullens 
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