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The wild suits you

Linen suit: Retold Vintage

T-Shirt: Grass-fields

Trainers: Veja

Sunglasses: Brick Lane Vintage Market

Whoever said suits are for offices or formal events was wrong. There's a wilder side to anything if you are willing to push to the edge and tumble into new possibilities. To say I love this linen suit would be an understatement. I'm obsessed with it.

It's from Retold Vintage. A brand that has one of the best curations of classic vintage pieces I've seen out there. From Escada blazers to retro dresses, every piece will have you looking noticeably stylish and unique. I wore it with my favourite Grass-fields t-shirt and my Veja trainers (yes, I do wear them all the time!!)

During this past Easter, I fell in love with a little part of England called Southport. A small seaside town with strange charm: beautiful seaside views reminiscent of the opening scene of The Notebook movie.  A sprawl of amusement park style rides at the town centre reminiscent for their part of the opening scene town of Jordan Peele's movie Us. There was even an eerie looking mirror maze which we did not go into of course. Finally, the best part of all was this wild high grass land wedged between the other side of the water  and a highway road. We shot this outfit there on a sunny end of day and it's safe for say green and red is now officially my new favourite colour paring. 



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