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Wedding Season

Dress: Nice Things Paloma S. from Mercantile

Bag: The Hayat

Earrings: Malaga 

It's end of June, we're at the heart of wedding season and some of us will be discussing what we will be wearing at so and so's wedding (if we don't happen to be the bride of course). I attended a dear friend's wedding early this month and bought a dress with sustainability in mind. My number one sustainable option? Wear something you already have. Sustainable option number 2 ? Buy a sustainable dress you can wear for the wedding but also dress up or down as you please to make the most of it. I chose option two. This green dress is from the humble and inspiring brand Nice Things Paloma S. I found it at one of London's coolest stores Mercantile. A beautifully curated space with some authentic sustainable brands. I complimented the dress with this trending and sustainably made bag from The Hayat. It's made using Ata grass, intricately woven to create the stunning pattern on the front and back of the handbag and attached with a vegan leather strap. Finally, the earrings I found in Malaga, where I was attending the wedding, from a small store called Handycrafts which sells original handmade accessories, bags and more. A perfect find as I needed a piece to make the outfit pop and to elevate the dress. What I adore about the dress is that I can wear it over and over again this summer, with sneakers or a white tee underneath for a casual look. 

Amma Aburam


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