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Still I Rise

T-Shirt: Birdsong

Underwear: Amaella

Socks: Thought Fashion

I'm excited to start the new year by introducing you to two new brands I love and revisiting an old favourite of mine!


Birdsong is a brand unlike any other. They empower women groups and women’s charities in the UK through clothing. Each garment is made with sustainable fabrics by women from these various groups and charities, they are paid above minimum wage and are treated with dignity. When I ordered my Still I Rise t-shirt I had to wait three weeks to  one month to receive it, simply because it was made on order. Fast-fashion is so obsessed with “new clothes now” but waiting for your clothes to be lovingly made makes you cherish them even more. I adore the Still I Rise embroidery  on the t-shirt inspired by Maya Angelou's poem. 

I met a member of the Amaella team at a clothes swap event in East London. They are a premium organic cotton and ethical lingerie brand with a similar concept to Birdsong: they create their timeless lingerie pieces on order so there is never any excess. Their pieces are beautiful, simple and comfortable. 

My long socks are from Thought Fashion. A long-time favourite sustainable fashion brand of mine. Their garments are made with the best natural fabrics: from bamboo to organic cotton and hemp. They are a wholesome brand that offers every piece you need for your wardrobe. I go to them for great basics.  


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