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Spanish heat

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Skirt : Honest Department (Tach)

Top: Mind Charity Shop

As much as I love London, I must admit that not having a real summer sucks. Now I understand why so many Brits fly away to sunny destinations like Spain or South of France. I was lucky to go on a family vacay with my boyfriend's family to Mallorca where these photos were taken. 33°C all week, pool lounging, sea bathing, boating, it was fantastic. This was shot at the villa we were staying in Magaluf and I wore this skirt and top for a casual day/dinner in. 

The skirt is my favourite colour and from Tach. a brand you can find at Honest Department. It's easy and bright just like summer. 

This silk top I got from the Mind Charity shop in Dalston for just £6. Such a steal! On top of that it's a Reformation x Urban Outfitters regenerate collaboration. I missed that collection entirely so to be able to find pieces from it at a charity shop was an amazing feeling.

On a final note, I will say I miss this holiday and the Spanish heat so much!  



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