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A year in sustainable & ethical fashion looks 2021

It is already the 1st of January 2022. Funny how as you grow older time seems to fly by faster, but I also find that moments are more intense, more significant in one's life as you get older. We all know the intensity of the past two years has not been easy to carry. But if you're reading this, then you have made it through the turmoil, found joy and survived, so well done! For me, continuing Style & Sustain no matter what is going on brings me solace and joy. I will always see fashion as an exciting escape, a creative outlet that can carry me through the hardest time. I also learnt about dopamine dressing and it's something I can say I've tried and tested and it works! Finding joy in clothes not only because they suit your style but also because they are made in a way that puts people and the planet first is a thrill. Here's a throwback to 2021 in sustainable and ethical fashion looks.

1. Anuka Jewellery

*Favourite Jewellery brand of 2021*

"For this look, I'm excited to present Anuka Jewellery - a beautiful sustainable, ethical and transparent jewellery brand made in the UK. Their pieces incorporate both 100% recycled silver and fair mined gold. I'm wearing the lovely Loka twisted hoops earrings made from 100% recycled silver with an 18ct yellow gold vermeil plate with the matching gold pendant necklace made from the same materials. I love the simple and effortless elegance of both pieces."

Earrings & Necklace: Anuka Jewellery

Jumper & Skirt: Depop secondhand find

See the full editorial HERE

2. Senchi

*Favourite preloved look of 2021*

"It was an unforgettable stay at The Royal Senchi in Akosombo, Ghana. A perfect green haven of palm trees and the greenest of grass perched at the mouth of the Volta Lake. Being in the hustle-bustle of Accra, made me want a nature escape. This 100% preloved look marked the occasion."

Swimsuit/Top: Shelter Kings's Cross

Skirt: Swapped (Nuw Wardrobe)

Earrings: Mero Retro

Necklace: Omolola Jewellery

Heels: Old Pair from Bata

See the full editorial HERE

3. Wolf & Badger

*Favourite Spring look of 2021*

"I've been a fan of Wolf & Badger's online and physical space (in King's Cross) for a long time so this collaboration was a treat! Their platform hosts some of my favourite ethical and sustainable brands and really makes it easy to navigate looking for quality sustainable pieces. This dress is from Komodo (also known as the original ethical brand since '88)."

Dress: Komodo from Wolf & Badger

Bag: Sostter from Wolf & Badger

Sweater: Depop secondhand

Beret: Mero Retro

Jewellery: Anuka Jewellery

Boots: Bourgeois Boheme

See the full editorial HERE


*Favourite sporty look of 2021*

"When 2°EAST introduced their watches to me, I admired their dedication and authentic commitment to creating watches sustainably and ethically. We hardly hear about watches when it comes to sustainability, but 2°EAST is committed to researching and working towards creating fun and versatile pieces with people and the planet at the forefront."

Watches: 2°EAST

Dress: Swapped (at Loanhood)

See the full editorial HERE

5. 2°EAST

*Favourite accessories look of 2021*

"For the second part of my 2°EAST collaboration, I decided to highlight two completely different styles of straps from the first more sporty looks (see that look HERE). These two new straps are mounted on the same gold plated watch disk from that look. So essentially, it's one watch with four different strap styles. All very easily interchangeable. I chose four but it's possible to create an infinite amount of looks with one watch disk thanks to the different stylish straps available at 2°EAST."

Watches: 2°EAST

Top: Swapped (at SWAPNATION)

Skirt: Swapped (at LOANHOOD)

See the full editorial HERE

6. Threaded Tribes

*Favourite holiday look of 2021*

"It's cold but I'm bringing sunshine and a summer throwback with this look, shot late September in Puglia, Italy. I've been a fan of Ghanaian owned sustainable luxury fashion company that embodies a carefree & unique nature. Their gorgeous use of locally produced rich fabrics, handwoven into casual everyday wear...thus this stunning two-piece was born. It was made using fugu from the Upper West Region of Ghana and is part of the brands' sustainably sourced & produced collection."

Co-ord: Threaded Tribes (on Afrikea)

Bucket hat: Brick Lane Vintage Market

Trainers: Mind Charity find

Necklace: Omolola Jewellery

See the full editorial HERE

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