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7 vintage, secondhand & charity stores to love

This year I’ve made a commitment to share more second-hand and vintage styles with you. I love supporting sustainable and ethical brands and will continue to do so of course. However, my day-to-day closet is filled with second-hand and vintage more than anything else and I’m excited to share more of those looks with you. To take you on this journey with me, I'm sharing my favourite vintage, secondhand and charity shops with you. These fab places are my go-to whenever I need secondhand style inspiration or simply want to do my bit by supporting a charity with a great cause.

One Scoop Store

One Scoop store is a delicious selection of pre-loved clothes. From second-hand pieces from high street fashion brands to higher-end brands – the store offers a broad selection of second-hand. The store is located in a cute unit is Dalston. Founder Holly is also a sustainable fashion passionate who sparks conversations about the industry through her event Scoop chat.

Best for: Partywear & everything! It's so easy to mix and match pieces from this store!

Mind Charity Shop

I love Mind for helping open up the conversation about mental illness and acting to find solutions for those struggling with it. They have shops across the UK and my personal favourite is the one in Dalston. There are some sweet finds in there and knowing that your money is going to help fight against the stigma around mental health is beyond satisfying.

Best for: Basics, shoes and old books

Retold Vintage

Retold Vintage is redefining what it means to love vintage by retelling the story of old clothes in the most stylish way. The founder has an incredible eye for unique pieces that will give you all the feels and that you are unlikely to find anyone else wearing.

Best for: Suits co-ords, blazers, and clothes with clean lines.

Fara Charity Shop

Fara Charity shop is tied to Fara Charity, an organisation created in 1991 to support the most vulnerable families and children in Romania. They have stores across the UK but my favourite is the one in Angel as it has a broad range of preloved pieces. This is a charity with. Specific cause in a single country but that focus helps then be more effective than most.Best for: Everything! They have charity shops for clothes but also for art, homeware and more!

Mero Retro

Mero Retro is a vintage store with so much heart. As soon as you walk in you feel the warmth and welcoming aura of this family-owned business. Ro and his talented wife sell Eastern-inspired clothes, from vintage kimonos to Chinese style co-ords and more. They also have a vibrant selection of vintage accessories and jewellery. You'll fall in love with their unique blend of quality and handpicked vintage.

Best for: Vintage kimonos, Eastern-inspired fashion

Here After Vintage

Here After Vintage is hands down my favourite vintage shop on Brick Lane. It’s an explosion of 70s/80s/90s looks, it’s colourful, fun and unique. There is always a sale rack at the back of the store as well that’s always worth a having a look at. If you have a theme party, this is the place to go!

Best for: dressing up for a theme party, 80s/90s vintage classics

Bricklane Vintage Market

This one had to make the list. One of the first vintage stores I visited in London. It's the kind of place that makes you feel like the possibilities are endless. The sheer size of it and the diversity of boutiques and brands it houses make visiting this shop a true adventure. Whatever your style you can find something just for you.

Best for: Franklin Tree shop & anything denim

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