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Style & Sustain and My Circular Wardrobe collaborate to bring you Shop my closet (for charity)


Over the past couple of years, I have been thrilled to see the evolution of second-hand and vintage fashion. Slowly the stigma around buying pre-loved items is falling away as brands like Oxfam campaign with top talents like Michaela Cole to change the perspective of charity shops. All while, various fabulous second hand and vintage online stores pop up, showcasing quality preloved pieces that look as good as any fashion brand.


My Circular Wardrobe is one of those spaces I recently discovered and absolutely loved. It’s a space that encourages circular fashion by lengthening the lifetime of beautiful clothing, handbags and shoes. Their items range from the high street, premium and luxury pre-loved clothes. Another fab element of this space is that you can sell with them.


Even though Style & Sustain has been all about inspiring fashion and sustainability, 2020 has given me one other motive for this space. The recent stark exposure of racial injustice around the globe through the death of George Floyd (and many others before and even after him) moved many to go beyond thoughts and prayers but to act and to be fearless in holding people accountable for their actions. No matter how small I feel my platform is, I felt a need to also share and encourage the BLM movement. Both online and in real life through conversations. The fashion industry is not exempt from racism, even less the sustainable fashion world. So, I sat back and thought about how I can use this platform to continue the conversation but also create a participative initiative where we can all support and move things forward for actual change. Mainly, by supporting those concretely creating change.

This is where our Shop my closet (for charity) collaboration comes in. I’ve been really drawn to expanding my clothes donation to online but with this collaboration decided to take it a step further, pushing it into the social justice arena by selling clothes and donating the funds to a racial justice charity. 


So how does it work?


  • I've selected 10 items from my closet that I love but have not made the most off. I want to find new homes for them, give them away so they can live their fullest lives. It’s a mix of swapped, vintage, second-hand, gifted pieces.


  • You can shop these pieces on the Style & Sustain Shop my closet (for charity) edit on the My Circular Wardrobe website


  •  All the proceeds from sales will be donated to The Black  Curriculum - it is a social enterprise founded in 2019 with to address the lack of Black British history in the UK Curriculum.

This is something I want to keep doing and will be sharing the journey with you all on social media! Stay tuned!

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