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Edge of England

Amma Aburam

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Jacket & pants: Mero Retro 

Shoes: Veja

Hiking for six hours across the Seven Sisters cliffs in the south of England was quite the adventure. Especially when it wasn't what you intended to do! But the best thing about adventures is that sometimes losing track creates the best memories. 

My boyfriend and I can now proudly say that we have encountered and walked across all seven sisters. Even though I was exhausted, every time I looked back I was struck by the beauty of the perfectly green grass, the intense chalky white of the cliffs and the beautiful blue of the sea. This, after all, was the very edge of England before the sea leads to mainland Europe. 

Before the actual hike, we got to spend time on the beautiful pebble beach right before the cliffs, we took in some sun and actually that's what delayed us but it was all worth it. 

For this adventurous day out I wore my stunning yellow Chinese style jacket and trousers from Mero Retro, one of my favourite vintage stores in London. The owner and his wife are so talented at repurposing old materials and even old kimonos and turning them into fashionable pieces. Everything is either vintage, fairtrade or handmade. 

My headwrap is an old fabric scrap and I'm wearing my Vejas as always, plus an organic cotton plain white tee. On this day I was as happy as a canary bird (and I looked like one too! ha). 


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