Trainers:  Panafrica Shoes

Shirt:  Secondhand Ralph Lauren shirt

Shades: Borrowed

Sunshine and Bantu knots...oh I miss summer! This is the time of the year when I usually look back at the past summer holidays because it's so cold! So for this look, I'm throwing it back to a lovely holiday in Portugal accompanied by my Panafrica sneakers.

Panafrica are shoes made differently. They are uniquely made ethically and consciously across Africa- from Ivory Coast to Morroco, they are proof that Made in Africa can truly embody sustainable and ethical practices that take into account economical and environmental impact of productions. It is a fascinating process that you can hear more about through my podcast episode where I interviewed Helene Lucas, one of the founders of the brand. Listen HERE.

What I love about these sneakers is the incorporation of West African wax print in the design. As a Ghanaian, t's a fabric I've loved all my life and in my teens, I sketched clothes that incorporated wax print. It's always given me a sense of pride so wearing these have the same effect. Especially knowing that Panafrica sources some of the fabric, locally made in Ghana. 

I wore them with my oversized secondhand Ralph Lauren shirt, dark shades and Bantu knots. The top and shorts are old pieces of mine. 




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