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Jumpsuit: Kate MacMahon

Earring: Olithica

Shoes: Veja 


Do you ever wear an outfit and feel like a superhero? That's how this Kate MacMahon jumpsuit makes me feel.  I call this colour: the blue of wonder because it's just so soothing and you kind off can't miss it or keep your eyes off it. Made out of Tencel, this just feels like a soft power suit when I wear it.

Tencel is the new organic cotton of the sustainable fashion industry - made from dissolved wood pulp; it's soft and so breathable which made it easy to wear in Joshua Tree California where these photos were taken.

However, let's get back to the incredible designer: Kate MacMahon is a young 22-year-old designer who's decided to make sustainable processes the core of her pieces. Her goal is to design long-lasting pieces people will want to cherish and repair when necessary instead of just chucking them. She uses Tencel, recycled polyester, as well as recycled wool blends and organic cotton. Most importantly, it's an absolute delight to see a young designer with such vision be the first real sustainable designer/brand at Debenhams.


The stunning earrings are from Olithica, a jewellery brand with the love of fascinating Greek mythology narratives at its heart. Each piece is inspired by a myth and brings a specific story to light. 

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