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Inside out 

Coat: ASOS & SOKO eco edit 

Jumper: Zara (found at a clothes swap by @storiesbehindthings)

Trousers: People Tree

Boots: Bourgeois Boheme 

What do I hate most about winter? Wearing the same jacket over and over and over again! It frustrates me because I look the same all winter. So I bought many coats, most second hand, some I've had for years. Over winter I would say I rotate at least three different coats and I love it. I fell in love with this one end of summer last year, I spotted it on ASOS Eco Edit and I was hooked. Why? Because it is reversible and can be worn inside out! One day black, another day white but always warm and cosy. On top of that it's made by SOKO, a clothing manufacturing unit based in Rukinga Wildlife Sanctuary in Kenya created with social and environmental principles at its core: paying fair wages, providing social services to workers and a pleasant place of work, plus a commitment to limit its environmental impact. How incredible! 

The boots are my second favourite bit of this outfit. I had been eyeing them for months on Bourgeois Boheme and diligently saved up to get them and I'm in love. Made with PVC free eco vegan leather and suede, plus breathable seed-based Bio-polyoils lining, it's a dream fit bursting with style. My red suede trousers are a stunning pair found at a People Tree sample sale and my Zara sweater was snagged at an amazing clothes swap hosted by Stories behind things. I'm living in these kinds of looks all winter! 



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