Why 2020 is the year to change what you do, not who you are...

Anyone else feel like 2019 was a year of growing anxieties? If there’s one thing I take from it: it was the collective awakening to pending issues that we all felt the need to address. From Extinction Rebellion protests, to Hong Kong protests, continued #metoo revelations, to impeached presidents and the all impending global warming crisis capped with forest fires …EVERYTHING commanded our attention. We all found ourselves grabbing for some sort of control. Whether it was refusing plastic straws at the bar, creating Facebook fundraisers on our birthdays or having conversations with friends about how helpless we felt at one point or another. Still, one thing stood out to me: 2019 lacked focus

A year in sustainable fashion brands & looks 2019

2019 was an interesting year for sustainable & ethical fashion. Mainly because the fashion industry could not stop talking about sustainability and how much change the industry needed. Did this lead to actual change? Not exactly. We saw greenwashing at an all-time high and major policies that would have improved the industry denied. Still, 2019 was the year for sustainable brands: everyone was talking about them. Whether it was about repurposing, production processes or materials, the media highlighted how crucial these brands are for change to happen in the industry. I personally had a blast discovering new brands and creating looks with my favourite pieces for Style and Sustain. Here‘s a l


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