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An African City


Dress: Oxford Street, Accra

Shoes: Old pair

Glasses: Something burrowed

I grew up in Accra but moving away at such a young age meant I never really got to know it as much as I would have loved to. This makes opportunities to go back and explore it that much more fun and important to me. I'm proud to be from Ghana, a country known for its faith in God, the kind people, the peacefulness and a booming young start-up scene. Accra also happens to be such a fun city to go out in with so many bars and restaurants to delve into.

Remember the hit Youtube series An African City? Well, it was filmed in Accra...hence my title!

We shot this outfit in Osu, Oxford Street area (called Oxford Street because it's the busiest commercial street in the city). The dress is from one of the many merchant tailors on the street and it felt like a match made in heaven for me. The shoes are an old pair I've had for over 5 you know I love combining old with new in my wardrobe. I borrowed the sunglasses from my brother.

I highly recommend visiting Accra and getting a brand new perspective on what an African city can truly offer! 




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