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Aburi gardens

Amma Aburam

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Dress: Mayamiko (Use code MayAmma15 to get 15% off the dress or anything else from Mayamiko)

Bag: Shika Bags

Hat: Second hand

Shorts & shoes: Some old pieces of mine

September is my birthday month and this year I turn 30. I've always been excited to turn 30 and I've always wanted to be confident enough to cut my hair completely so I did and I love it! To celebrate my birth month, nothing else felt more right than to be back home in Accra, Ghana. The last time I actually celebrated my birthday here I was 8 so this was long overdue.

Spending time with my family has been a gem. I've also been dreaming of doing a shoot for my blog here.

Aburi botanical gardens is gorgeous. A green haven in the town of  Aburi, the Eastern region of South Ghana. The garden occupies an area of 64.8 hectares and is the definition of lush.

I'm wearing my favourite Mayamiko dress! I love the back and loose turtle neck, it's so unique, especially the design. My bag is from a local brand called Shika bags and was a beautiful birthday gift. I paired the dress with some old black shorts of mine and the hat is my  brother's but really it's mine now...ha.

I'm so happy to show you guys a slice of heaven in my home country. It's beyond beautiful. 

Remember to use code MayAmma15 to get 15% off the dress or anything else from Mayamiko



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