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5 easy ways to start your sustainable fashion journey

We all have a relationship with clothes. Some choose to create them, some choose to experiment with them, some express themselves with them, while others stick to their basic function of covering them up with little care as to how it looks. Truth is whether we enjoy fashion or not, we all wear clothes. Today, we live in a generation of individuality and fashion is self-expression. However, we are also a generation of excess. Clothes have become like disposable cups: buy now, wear once (or never), then buy the next trend and on and on it goes. We’ve normalised our addiction to clothes to the point of turning it into one of the most polluting and harmful industries on the planet.


 I started changing my relationship to clothes in 2016 and went from fast fashion addict to fair fashion advocate. I always say if I can do it, anyone can! I am passionate about sharing tips and practices I set in place to transform my relationship to fashion to one that empowers the people who make our clothes and helps preserve the planet. Most importantly, I have fun with sustainable and ethical fashion.


Here are 5 easy ways you too can start your sustainable fashion journey:

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